MTÜ Peeteli kiriku

Work and adventure education, hikes, camps

Over the years, one of the key tools in helping children has been work and adventure education, which is a great way to broaden their horizons and teach new skills at the same time.

Since 2002, we have been organising spring, summer, autumn and sometimes winter camps in Saaremaa for children receiving support from the social center. In addition to active free time, children help in the camps with cooking, making firewood, mowing the lawn, doing housework, doing simple construction work and other daily tasks. We teach children to care for the environment around us and the value of sorting waste both in the social center and in Saaremaa camp. We organise canoeing, kayaking, cycling and forest trips for children. We are delighted that children who at first are not interested in getting out into the nature, ask after a few trips, when the next trip or camp will be. 😊

Children help to keep the social centre grounds tidy. In the backyard of the church, children have their own flower bed, greenhouse and small patch of land where they can try their hand at gardening and growing things. At harvest time they can experience just how tasty their own grown food is. Children also have their own garden at the Saaremaa camp.

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