MTÜ Peeteli kiriku

Supporting families

We support families in difficult situations who have children. The primary and the main support provider for families is the center’s social worker, who establishes contact with the child and the family, and communicates with members of  the child’s social networks. The social worker advises parents and helps them with various applications, getting appointments with doctors and support specialists, applying for benefits, finding training courses, translating documents, etc. In the absence of technical means at home, parents can use the center’s computer and printer. 

Sometimes parents themselves have had an insufficient support network in childhood, and need advice and support to organise their family life to become better parents. Social worker together with other members of center’s team, help the child to resolve conflicts at school, with friends and with parents. If possible, we also distribute food and humanitarian aid to families. In exceptional circumstances, we have offered temporary housing to mothers with children in the absence of housing or in the case of domestic violence.