MTÜ Peeteli kiriku

Day center

Our days are filled with various activities. Every day at lunch time we offer children a warm meal and center’s educators, teachers and volunteers help children with their homework. Children have the opportunity to engage in various developmental activities, which are organized according to the interests, abilities and needs of the children who are currently at the centre. In the center children can do crafts, sing, dance, play and spend their time actively in various other ways. We consider it important to develop communication skills and to learn different languages and cultures. Russian is often the home language for many children receiving support, and we are very happy that children can learn and practice Estonian at Peeteli.

The center has a study kitchen where children can learn to cook under educators’ guidance. The study kitchen is also in active use in the evenings and on weekends, when the center’s main kitchen is closed and children prepare their own food with the help of educators and volunteers. It is possible to use the shower room and the washing machine. Since the center works around the clock, children can always come to Peeteli if they have any worries or are hungry.