MTÜ Peeteli kiriku

"As long as there are children, flowers and birds in the world, there is hope".

Since 1997, the MTÜ Peeteli kiriku sotsiaalkeskus/ NGO Bethel’s Centre of Pastoral Care  has offered support to children and young people in need to continue their education. Center’s activity began with voluntary work with children who spent time on the street and often lived in abandoned houses, whose behavior did not meet the norms of the society and who were dangerous to themselves and others. In 1998, a Day Center for street children worked in the church. At the beginning of 1999, we opened a Children’s Home  on the second floor of the church in the former pastor’s apartment, and those children who were willing to go to school every day came to live in Peeteli. Since then the center has been open 24/7.

To reduce educational and social inequality and to support mental health, we provide children a safe learning and living environment, a sense of belonging, and we support and develop their learning motivation. 

The continuation of the social center’s work over the years has been possible thanks to good people, companies and organizations who have supported our activities. The children with whom we started working at the beginning made a great contribution to the renovation of Peeteli church and the construction of children’s living quarters. You can read more about it under the history of the social center.

Children have been sent to the center by their parents, relatives, teachers, child protection workers, social workers and other caring and observant people. Children have brought their friends in trouble with them, and there are also those who have come and asked help themselves. We have experienced that for many children Peeteli centre’s “open door policy” has been suitable, and it means that a young person’s own desire and free will are necessary to receive support.

We rely on God’s Word in our daily work, and mutual trust is very important to us in helping children and their families.

How we can help

Day center

Our days are filled with various activities. Every day at lunch time we offer children a warm meal and center’s educators, teachers and volunteers help children with their homework.

Student and youth home

Some children and young people need a routine, a peaceful night’s sleep and a morning wake-up in order to get to school. We have a student and youth home for them.

Supporting young people

Youth work at MTÜ Peeteli kiriku sotsiaalkeskus is carried out through regular meetings, discussions on topics important to young people, and exciting outings. We base our activities on the interests and needs of the young people attending the center.

Supporting families

We support families in difficult situations who have children. The primary and the main support provider for families is the center’s social worker, who establishes contact with the child and the family, and communicates with members of  the child’s social networks.

Work and adventure education, hikes, camps

Over the years, one of the key tools in helping children has been work and adventure education, which is a great way to broaden their horizons and teach new skills at the same time.

Children of today are the parents of tomorrow

This poster was gifted to us by our supporters on 1.04.2001 when new Day Center’s and Shelter ’ rooms were opened in the basement of Peeteli church.