MTÜ Peeteli kiriku

Nadezda Vassiljeva

Hello dear friend. 😊 If you are reading this message, it means you are in Peeteli and that’s the right decision. 👍 Once I ended up here by chance, and I have never regretted it. 🙏 Here, I received help in all areas of my, then very young, life. Peeteli helped me understand many things that parents don’t always know how to show or give to their children. I learned to know the difference between good and bad, to love my close ones, to take care of the younger and dear ones, and to treat people around me well. I was taught to set goals and achieve them, to clean up after myself, to take care of myself, etc. I was able to finish school and move on to study a profession. And most importantly, I met God there. 💗🙏 Peeteli people are kind and fair, although sometimes it seemed that it wasn’t so, but all teenagers think they are smarter than adults, right? 😉 If I had the chance to live that time again, I would like to live in Peeteli again. There, I found a family for myself and felt care and love. 🥰 Many thanks to all those people who participated in my upbringing in Peeteli, it is very valuable. 💗🙏 I wish you make the right choice and may God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏