Youth Home

After the Bethel’s Centre of Pastoral Care had been active for a couple of years, we saw that to achieve better results we need living space conforming to modern requirements and also rooms where youth can acquire their first work experience and engage in sports and various hobbies. In year 2002, the Bethel’s Congregation of EELC in Tallinn together with the NPO Bethel’s Centre of Pastoral Care initiated a detailed plan for constructing a new youth centre on the land property at Preesi 7 belonging to the congregation. Today, the part of the land property without buildings is used for paid parking.

Target group:

  • Youth whose education has been interrupted or is in risk of becoming interrupted and whose home situation does not support or does not allow obtaining an education.

Study classes and rooms for spending free time

Besides studying and safe living environment, rehabilitation of risk group youth also entails another very important part: developing practical work skills and engaging in hobby activities. Our new home is planned to have a welding class, woodworking and metal workshop, computer class, handicraft and sewing class, music class and sports rooms. We believe that the skills learned there will increase the competitiveness of youth in the labour market and help shape them into independently coping citizens.

Youth Home

A prerequisite for living on the youth home would be a wish to continue studies in a school. The living space of youth is planned for a total of 24 people. The building will have both single-room and family apartments with separate water and electricity consumption meters, in order to teach the youth coping skills necessary for independent life.

Situation in spring 2012

We are currently co-ordinating the detailed plan with the local government.