Street Work

Street work we do not do it anymore. The bellow' text gives a good overview what we did and is a piece of our history.


The Bethel’s Congregation started working with risk group children and youth in year 1997.

The main goals of street work are:

  • Finding the children, youth and families of Northern Tallinn having behavioural problems and being in risk of poverty. Developing their coping skills and helping them return to the ordinary life of the society;
  • Supporting and advising the parents of risk group children in order to improve and strengthen their family relationships;
  • Improving the coping level of risk group families.

A support person of the Bethel’s Centre of Pastoral Care:

  • Notifies parents about their legal opportunities, obligations and rights;
  • Provides advice to parents in finding suitable training courses or employment;
  • Creates / strengthens the social network, keeping in contact with the child, the school, the child welfare service and the parents;
  • Helps youth staying out of school to return to the school duty; supports youth in starting or continuing to obtain an education;
  • Helps find a kindergarten place for a child;
  • Makes home visits.

Street work entails:

  • Distributing packages with food and necessities (hygiene items, school supplies, medicines, etc.);
  • Providing information about various ways of getting help;
  • Distributing clothes received via humanitarian aid, once per month in the church hall;
  • Providing parents the use of shower and washing machine in the Bethel’s Social Centre on every Thursday from 11:00 to 18:00.

More intensive activities with children and youth are taking place in the day care centre, where they receive help in studies and participate in various events like going to ice skating, going to a swimming pool, events related to festivities (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Child Protection Day), hiking, camps both within the country and abroad.