Day Care Centre

The Bethel's Centre of Pastoral Care has a day care centre, the activities of which are oriented towards children and youth with little material means, in order to provide them comprehensive support for obtaining an education. The Social Centre has facilities for washing themselves and their clothes and an opportunity to get a warm meal every day. We are also providing material help by way of clean clothes, school supplies, medicines, hygiene supplies, etc.

The day care centre is opened 6 days per week:

Mon-Fri: 13:00-18:00
Sat: 11:00-15:00

The day care centre has facilities for playing, resting, studying and using a computer. We also organise interesting events for groups, going to theatre performances, movies, skating or swimming, during holidays also going on hikes and to camps.

A day in the day care centre starts with having a lunch together; after that the children and youth get the attention of social workers and volunteers who help them in studies and organise various age-appropriate activities of developing nature. This entails staging various theatre plays, learning dances, songs, musical instruments, also sports activities. There is also a teacher working in the day care centre of Bethel’s on five days a week, offering individual help to those who have bigger study difficulties.

You can get additional information from the office via the telephone 677 4444